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Home Loans For Self-Employed Business Owners

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What Are Self Employed Loans?

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For self-employed people, it can be tricky to get a loan for personal or commercial use. A self-employed loan can provide the financial funding a small business needs to grow, purchase assets or simply carry on. Traditional banks have rigid lending criteria that don’t cater specifically for these individuals — making it tricky for self-employed people to secure a loan. 


If you ask a business owner why they ventured out on their own, a lot of the time, they’ll say it’s because they wanted flexibility and freedom. So why shouldn’t they have flexibility and freedom with their finance options too? We make flexible finance a reality for self-employed people.

Home Loans

Why pay rent when you could be paying off your own mortgage and building wealth for your future? If you’ve struggled to get together the necessary documents traditional lenders need for a home loan assessment, we can help! We don’t make you jump through hoops for a self-employed home loan. In fact, our process is so simple, you can be approved within 24 hours. Don’t give up on the great Australian dream of homeownership just because you’re self-employed. You’re a business owner, now let’s make you a homeowner!

Car Loans

If you’re looking for some new wheels for commercial or personal use, our simple and straightforward self-employed car loans can help. For businesses or individuals, having a vehicle to run around in is essential. However, it can be hard to purchase a car when you struggle to prove your income to a traditional lender. Our low doc car loans (and even no doc loans) make it super simple for you to drive away in your new car today!

Short Term Loans

Even the most profitable businesses can experience uneven cash flow. Why should you put your operations on hold just because you’re waiting for the cash to roll in for unpaid invoices or the sale of goods? You shouldn’t! Short term loans for self-employed people mean you can carry on as usual — paying your expenses, purchasing stock, and taking hold of opportunities — even while you’re waiting to receive cash from your last big job.

Personal Loans

Got a big purchase you’d like to make? Our personal loans for self-employed people provide fast cash for personal purposes. Whether you’re looking to pay for a wedding, go on holiday or renovate your house, we tailor the right finance solution to suit your situation.  


Our personal loans allow you the freedom to make each day count. With flexible lending criteria and 24 hour turnaround times, business owners can get that highly sought-after work-life balance in order.

Asset Finance

Using finance is a popular and effective way to grow your business and gain a competitive edge. However, If you’re self-employed, financing your business can seem like an impossible task. We specialise in self-employed equipment finance so we can help you get the perfect tools for your trade. Increase the quantity or quality of your output by purchasing new or used equipment with our asset finance solutions designed specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Start Up Loans

Every new business starts somewhere. You’ve been brave enough to go out on your own, and now you need a lender to take a chance on you. The truth is, many lenders are reluctant to extend finance to startups simply because they have no track record to show sales figures, and statistically, a significant number of startups fail to launch. We recognise the value entrepreneurs and small businesses offer the economy, so we get behind them at every opportunity to provide our startup business loan.

Why Choose Us?

Second Chance Finance

Any trouble you’ve had in the past with your finances, we’re happy to leave in the past. Our no credit check loans are perfect for people with bad credit or anyone looking for fast finance.

Flexible Finance Solutions

We have access to a broad range of lenders, including conventional and private lenders, so we have the flexibility and resources to provide finance in cases where banks can’t — with unrivalled terms.

Low Doc & No Doc Loans

As a seasoned owner or a young startup, you may not have the documents required by traditional lenders. We can offer loans without seeing financials, tax returns or credit history.

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Self-Employed Loans We Provide

  • Mortgages

  • Construction

  • Convert home equity into cash

  • Home loan refinancing

  • Bridging loans

  • Caveat loans

  • Business finance

  • Short term loans

  • Car and equipment finance

  • Overdrafts

  • Debt consolidation

  • Lines of credit

Unlock Your Potential

A self-employed loan could be exactly what you need to propel yourself to prosperity. Whether you require finance for your commercial or personal life, we can help you find a loan with favourable terms to unlock your potential and drive you to success. We take your business plan into account and tailor a loan amount with an interest rate and loan repayments to suit your timeline and budget.

Our finance experts understand the ins and outs of life as a business owner and are skilled at matching people with the right lender to secure the best possible outcome. Our quick and easy application process means you can get fast finance with terms that specifically suit your goals — without having to jump through hoops. 

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